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Paul Winkelmann (Loriot) is the CEO of a successful business in Hamburg that he took over after the death of his father eight years ago. But he is still strongly dominated by his 78 year old mother who cares for him as a child, and who cannot understand why he took an apartment on his own after all these years. The real "problem" starts when Paul gets to know psychologist Margarethe TIetze (Evelyn Hamann) whose relationship to her parents is also not so easy after all…

Title : Ödipussi

Year : 1988

Runtime : 88

Release Dates: 1988-03-10


Actors :

Vicco von Bülow asPaul Winkelmann
Evelyn HamannasMargarethe Tietze
Katharina BraurenasPauls Mutter
Edda SeippelasGerda Tietze
Richard LauffenasKurt Tietze
Klaus SchultzasHerr Weber
Rosemarie FendelasFrau Westphal
Walter HoorasChoreograph Rudi Romanowski
Rose Renée RothasTante Mechthild
Udo ThomerasHerr Meier-Grabenhorst
Heinz MeierasHerr Müller
Hans-Günter MartensasDr. Schnoor
Erich SchwarzasWaiter
Joerg AdaeasHerr Kempe
Eberhard FechnerasHerr Dr. Giesebrecht
Dagmar BienerasFrau Mengelberg
Charlotte AsendorfasFrau Melzer
Nikolaus SchillingasHerr Melzer
April De LucaasFrl. Hagebusch
Karl-Ulrich MevesasSlipverkäufer

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