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Express 'Moscow-Russia'

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This is a story about a guy who is willing to sell the soul, just to dial million views for your videos on YouTube. On the way to his goal, he turns into a fast train "Moscow - Vladivostok», where faced with an American actress, suffering aerophobia. On the way strangers expect such adventures that they lag behind the train that trying to catch up, moving our unpredictable and fabulous Mother Russia - After each of them need to be in Vladivostok exactly 7 days - for reasons which they carefully conceal from each other.

Title : Express 'Moscow-Russia'

Year : 2014

Runtime : 90

Release Dates: 2014-04-17


Actors :

Sergey SvetlakovasСергей
Margarita LevievaasМила
Pavel DerevyankoasАлексей
Ingeborga DapkunaiteasАнна
Michael Madsenasагент
Ivan Urgantashimself
Yuriy Stoyanovasдядя Паша
Olga Sutulovaasдевушка в поезде

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