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CHOI Hyeon, a professor in Beijing visits his homeland Korea to attend a friend’s funeral. At funeral he suddenly reminds of his trip to Gyeongju and ‘Chunhwha’, an obscene painting which he saw in a cafe in Gyeongju, Next day CHOI heads to Gyeongju but finds out the obscene painting is no longer there. but there is an attractive new lady owner Yun-hui. Disappointed CHOI wanders around the city tracing back his memory, and a series of unexpected, yet enjoyable encounters run on during his aimless journey. Somehow he feels excited by the unfamiliar atmosphere which is far from his everyday life. CHOI revisits the cafe without knowing that another story between he and Yun-hui is about to begin.

Title : Gyeongju

Year : 2014

Runtime : 145

Release Dates: 2014-06-12


Actors :

Park Hae-IlasChoi Hyeon
Shin Min-aasGong Yoon-hee
Yoon Jin-SeoasUniversity junior

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